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Mini Landys

Our Mini Landys activity guarantees an experience that wont be forgotten in a hurry! 

An off road driving adventure to remember, where the kids take control in our electric mini replica Landrovers. 

After a short tutorial and practice the drivers will be ready for our carefully designed off- road course. Independently operating the Mini Landys they will manoeuvre through twists and turns, over hills and bridges, along with various purpose-built obstacles along the way. The stunning landscape and setting will give the kids the feeling of an authentic and exiting off road expedition.

Our instructors will be on hand to ensure every child is safe while building confidence and driving skills.

Once the course has been completed we think each driver will have showed the skills to be issued with a unique Mini Landys driving licence, which they can take home with pride.

Drivers must be aged 6-11.

Younger accompanying children aged 3-5 can ride along as a passenger with no additional charge (one passenger per car).

*Please note - 2 children of driving age cannot share a car, they must have separate cars booked*

1 responsible adult for each participating child/children must be in attendance throughout the session.

Session length – 30 minutes.

£30 per driver

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Opening Hours

We are open April - October 

Mon - Sun: 9am - 5:30pm


Wild Highland Outdoor Centre


Spean Bridge

PH34 4EU


   07981 432 899

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