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We offer Archery, Axe Throwing, and Spear throwing as a 75-minute package. Try your hand at mastering these ancient and exhilarating weapons.

First up, Archery. Your instructor will set you up with the basic skills, familiarising you with your bow and arrow. Safety is our top priority, and we will ensure that you have the important basics mastered before shooting that first arrow. Your instructor will be with you throughout the experience, and on hand, for any assistance and tips you may need. Once you are comfortable, all you need to do is keep a steady hand, focus, and hit that target! 

Move on to Axe Throwing. Using purpose-made hatchets (throwing axes), channel your inner Viking while learning the ancient art of Axe throwing. Your instructor will guide you through the basic techniques to get consistent and accurate hits on the target.

Finally, try your hand with one of the most simple yet effective stone-age weapons, the spear! Our spear tips have been custom-made by an ironsmith to mimic the traditional appearance of the spear. Once your instructor has briefed you on the safety aspects, they will get down to technique. Once you feel ready, it's time to spear the custom-made target!


Target sports are available for ages 8+


£37 per person.

Archery as a stand-alone activity can be booked for ages 6+ 

Please contact Stuart or Yvonne to book or for more information.

£32 per person


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Target Sports

Opening Hours

We are open April - October 

Mon - Sun: 9am - 5:30pm


Wild Highland Outdoor Centre


Spean Bridge

PH34 4EU


   07981 432 899

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